Author : Nils-Eric Swedlund

C&IT’s RSVP Podcast: Kristina McCoobery Talks Events in the Metaverse

Swedish meatballs, events in the metaverse and hotels hosting celebrities with C&IT’s Editor, Calum Di Lieto. Every episode, C&IT Magazine’s Editor, Calum Di Lieto, speaks with industry personalities as they share their Rants, Stories, Visions and Pains (RSVP). Guests reveal their most memorable destinations, hotels and food experiences, paint a picture of their dream event and react to listeners’ anonymous confessions.[…]

On the Front Lines of Engagement

Over the past months, we’ve witnessed you — as an industry and as culture keepers – rise to the occasion in ways that cultivated trust, instilled a sense of integrity and optimism, and embraced new ideas and technology at head-spinning rates. Now you stand on the front line of what is and what will be, as you determine how to welcome[…]

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