On the Front Lines of Engagement

Over the past months, we’ve witnessed you — as an industry and as culture keepers – rise to the occasion in ways that cultivated trust, instilled a sense of integrity and optimism, and embraced new ideas and technology at head-spinning rates.

Now you stand on the front line of what is and what will be, as you determine how to welcome your communities back “home.” We believe there are STILL a few fundamental truths when it comes to creating world-class experiences:to doing this successfully:

  • Engagement is a two-way street
  • It’s a journey in which key moments can cause a relationship to soar
  • Humans are built to see and hear and learn from one another – to gather by whatever means work best now

So, what do these truths mean for all of us responsible for the storytelling and the gatherings  (essentially: all of us)? They encourage us to leverage and build on all that newly-acquired knowledge. They caution us NOT to fall back on what was, but instead recommit to developing what’s actually next.

They reassure us that we will continue to achieve what we set out to accomplish if we are intentional and inclusive and stay true to our mission.

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