COP28 [INVNT GROUP]™, Marks a New Era in Global Expansion with Significant Advances in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

From Expo2020 Dubai, to Audi, and technological world-firsts at COP28, the agency portfolio is powering immersive brand activations campaigns and strategies, engaging local audiences, leaders, and the international community throughout the region. [INVNT GROUP] THE GLOBAL BRANDSTORY PROJECT strengthens its commitment to EMEA and the UAE, growing it’s local Dubai team and full-service, integrated, strategic, and experiential marketing services to partners[…]

Concatenation at the Highest Level: AI and Web3 Converge

The nexus of technology and humanity is the convergence of Web3 and Artificial Intelligence (AI), emerging as a transformative force, redefining how we tell stories, connect, and build communities globally. This integration promises not only to accelerate the mainstream adoption of both technologies but also to create a healthier, more equitable digital landscape, driving new levels of human connection and unveiling[…]

INVNT and INVNT.ATOM bring home 5 trophies at the Marketing Interactive Event Awards!

Last Friday evening, INVNT and INVNT.ATOM were invited to the Marketing Interactive Event Awards 2023 at the Equarius Hotel on Singapore’s Sentosa Island. We were elated to have picked up five awards in recognition of three campaigns that sat at the intersection of immersive storytelling, craft, and technology across the APAC region. – SILVER: Best Event for a Specific Audience –[…]

Kristina McCoobery has been named Agency Leader of the Year at the Drum Awards for Marketing Americas 2023

As we celebrate our 15-year anniversary, we are excited to also announce a special recognition from this year’s The Drum Marketing Americas Award, for our visionary INVNT CEO and [INVNT GROUP] COO, Kristina McCoobery, as ‘Agency Leader of the Year’! Since 2008, our global team has championed live brand storytelling through creative, world-changing events and experiences. Together, we are building the[…]

The Alchemy of Experiential Marketing, Storytelling, and Artificial Intelligence

This piece takes a dive in to how Experiential Marketing and Artificial Intelligence can work together to amplify audience impact, and enhance the magical and expansive potential of brand stories. By Scott Cullather – President & CEO of [INVNT GROUP], and CEO of INVNT.ATOM In the canvas of the digital revolution, where the brushstrokes of technology paint the narrative of our[…]

Creativity Unbound: Augmented Artistry and the AI Revolution

This feature explores how our global INVNT creative team leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to unlock new frontiers of storytelling and experiences. By Matt Flachsenhaar – Executive Creative Director, INVNT Prompts: The Rectangular object sits light on a dark wall, in the style of twisted futurism, rendered in cinema4d, made of glass, album, folio and fan formats, calming symmetry, polaroidcore frozen movement[…]

From magic to immersion, experiential marketing gets an AI upgrade

Through never-before-seen activations to events where the boundaries between digital and physical worlds blur, AI tools are fast pushing the limits of what experiential marketers can achieve. Scott Cullather, President & CEO, [INVNT GROUP], and CEO, INVNT.ATOM shares his thoughts with Campaign Asia. “Utilising AI algorithms and predictive analytics to synthesise audience data and insights, brands and organisations are now able[…]

Recoding Fibers of Connection: The Experiential Impact of AI

By Scott Cullather Our engagement with technology has always existed as a love-hate relationship. We crave deeply for its conveniences and toolbox enhancing capabilities, yet fear its potential for dominance, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no different. The depiction of AI as a human threat has persisted through decades of global cultural consciousness as evidenced across HAL 9000 in Stanley Kubrick’s[…]

[INVNT GROUP] wins in the Metaverse and Tech-Led Innovation Category at The Drum Awards for Marketing APAC 2023

[INVNT GROUP] has taken home 2 Gold Awards for The Metaverse and Digital Innovation Category in partnership with Automobili Lamborghini and Circles.Life The Drum Awards for Marketing APAC 2023 was hosted at NoonTalk Media in Singapore, amongst other agencies and brands from Yahoo, Merkle Singapore, Media.Monks, and more. We were honored to have been shortlisted for their first-ever Metaverse category, and[…]

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